Reggie & Diana ♥

I always love to photograph Reggie and Diana!  I first photographed them a year ago and I was delighted to do another session with them!  Their love for each other always shines through and is so fun to capture.  Here are a few of my favorites from our most recent photo session.







DR-6463_blog2 DR-6603_blog


I TOLD you their love shines through!!!  Much love to you Diana and Reggie and thank you for always letting me capture your romantic love!

5 thoughts on “Reggie & Diana ♥”

  1. I love this man! Kathy we are so happy to have you in our lives to capture the love we share. It’s one thing to share it with each other but to share with the got that covered. Truly God match for each other. My honey boo is so fun and you create a story in us that makes us want to stay with your camera alllllll day and night! This two sessions were so great. I ca not wait until the next one! We are hooked. I’m throwing away my camera. 🙂 thanks Kathy for getting to know us and knowing what to do with us. Friends for life! Your hired for life! Lol

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