Donna Marie “She Holds The Key” Photo Session

Today K. Chappell Photo Creations celebrates Donna Marie “SHE Holds The KEY”.  Not only is it her birthday today, but she is an experienced real estate agent for REMAX Liberty.  We recently updated her professional headshots for her business.

Donna is on top of her game and has been in the Real Estate business for 9 years.

We go back quite a few years and It’s always a joy to have her in front of my camera! Here are a few of our favorites from her photo session.


Happy Birthday Donna and Thank You for the opportunity to work with you again!  We appreciate and celebrate you today my beautiful friend!

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Alisia Antoinette’s Photo Shoot

My friend Alisia is one of my favorite people.  We’ve known each other for 15 years or more.  Between raising our kids and the busy-ness of life, we would always squeeze in time to meet for lunch or coffee.  Although it may have only been once or twice a year, for me, it was, and still is, a celebration of friendship and sisterhood.

Her daughters have since grown into beautiful adults, and now she is about to embark on what I believe is going to be an amazing adventure that is going to take her places beyond what she can imagine!!!  She is the owner and founder of Bonjour Amour Matchmaking.

She needed a few headshots for her website and branding and of course I was excited and more than happy to be her photographer!!  Here are just a few of our favorites from her photoshoot!

We thought it would be good to get a few of her with her husband, Mark.  They have been together for 34 years!!!  So I think Bonjour Amour will be in great hands.

Alisia has so much style and class, and she is going to be a saavy business woman and entrepreneur.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for this amazing woman and friend.

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Organics – The Making of a Woman – A Poetic Experience Photo Shoot

As women we have so many facets to who we are.  When we come together to support, encourage, lift up, debate, love, pray and sometimes just listen, it can be healing to our souls.

It was a blessing to be able to photograph these talented ladies and on February 24, 2018 at the Lyceum Theater in San Diego, you can hear their stories in poetic form as they share the complex issues we as women sometimes face and the healing that can be had.

Let me introduce you to the cast:

Jo-Ann Marie Hoye

Kim Rochelle Allen

Cynthia Carlisle Fields

Anissa Vincent

Jade Miller

Arwen Jamison

Veronica Earley

During the photo shoot I wanted to capture the essence of their characters and as I went through the photos after our session, I could feel the emotion of each character.  A few even broke out in song and dance and that was a real treat.

Thank you so much for letting K. Chappell Photo Creations be a part of this amazing journey!  God is good and I love how He allows me to meet such amazing people and have the blessing of having them in front of my lens…it’s one of the things I love the most about what I do.

Check out the video below for more information on the show.

Tyrone DuBose – La Jolla Cove Photo Shoot

Sometimes in life you are fortunate enough to have your path cross with some amazing people when you least expect it and that’s how I met Mr. Tyrone DuBose.

With so many great photographers out there, I was thrilled and honored when he chose me to do this session for some upcoming  projects that he’s working on.

We decided to meet at the beautiful La Jolla Coves and here are a few of my favorites from our early morning session.

Tyrone DuBose is an award winning R&B Historian that has been blessed to live his dream!  He has an amazing bass-baritone voice that graces the airwaves as America’s Premier Contributing R&B Historian on TV One’s UNSUNG, he is a syndicated radio host of Timeless Traxx and does a “60 Second Moment in Music History” on the Sheryl Underwood Radio Show and these are just a few things that he does.  He is an inspiration to so many people including myself.

How can I photograph Mr. DuBose who has such an interesting and inspiring life and not ask a few questions and share a little inspiration.

Because I love UnSung so much I wanted to know what was one of his most memorable moments from the show and he mentioned the Martha Wash story and how she was denied 3 #1 singles and people lip synced 3 of her songs without proper credit.  She ended up coming out victorious after having to file a lawsuit and during the middle of all of that she came out with a #1 single on the dance charts!  I remember her from The Weather Girls, It’s Raining Men song in the 80’s.

A highlight and inspiration in Tyrone’s life when he was younger, was listening to Casey Kasem American Top 40.  He eventually met him and then was actually mentored by him.  That blows my mind because we grew up listening to Casey Kasem.  In his words Tyrone said, “When I met him, it was the thrill of a lifetime and this man (Casey Kasem) was the reason I got into radio now I believed I could do it” and look at where that dream and determination has gotten him, I’m inspired.

I then asked when things get challenging how does he get through it.  He said he reflects on his favorite movie, Rocky, which motivates him because Rocky was the underdog but he Didn’t Give UP and that’s motivation we can all use!!  I’m going to dig in the archives and watch Rocky…it’s been a long time and I can always use motivation like that!

My final question was for advice for someone trying to make their way and he said the number one thing he always tells people is if you’re not ready for people to talk about you, you’re not ready for success.

This is one of the many benefits of being a photographer it’s the amazing people I get to meet!!

Thank you Tyrone DuBose for the privilege of having you in front of my camera!  I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for you my friend!

You can check Tyrone DuBose out at:
Timeless Traxx
Sheryl Underwood Radio


Ms. Michelle’s Birthday Photo Shoot

My cousin, Ms. Michelle is such a phenomenal woman that I simply adore and admire!  I was blown away from the very first time I saw her theater play, Is That Man Your Husband on dvd, then I saw her live play TransParent that had me in tears, then her movie Institutionalized on the big screen at the Las Vegas Black Film Festival that she founded and is now going into its 5th year this April, I knew she was a woman of God that walked her talk and she is such an inspiration to me.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her in 2018.

She has accomplished sooooo much in her life and she definitely deserved to celebrate her 50th birthday!!  She drove all the way from Las Vegas to do a birthday photo shoot and as always, she killed it!  She is so much fun to photograph as you will see from a few of my favorite pictures below ♥

I asked Ms. Michelle what are some words she lives by and would like to share.  I love her response, “Everything you are EXPECTING in life is already EXPECTING you”…now that’s something to ponder!!

She brought over 12 outfits with her and we almost got through all of them lol!  We started off with a fun cowgirl look…and of course her hat was in her favorite color orange…and she wore it well!

Yeah, she really is a boss in front and behind the camera…Cmon’ now, she is the founder of the Las Vegas Black Film Festival where she will be premiering her movie, Is That Man Your Husband…God is using this woman in a mighty way!

We kept it going even after the sun went down.  It was great because she brought so many different looks and it gave me a chance to play with some night lighting too.  It was tough narrowing down what I wanted to share.

After it got too cold, we took it indoors and kept it moving!

I liked the picture below with her chilling on the imperfectly torn paper on the floor…I could’ve easily gotten rid of the tear but I liked what it added to this look.


You know we had to bring the sexy in ♥

Cousin Michelle, thank you for being the beautiful soul that you are and for sharing Gods gift and glory through everything that you do…you always inspire me!

Thank you Jackie and Anika for being great assistants throughout the shoot!

For more information on the Las Vegas Black Film Festival  see the flyer below.

The Kekoa Family

It has almost been a year exactly since my last blog…sheesh, this year just flew by so quickly yet so much has happened in this year.  Well no need to make excuses, I’m just glad to be back.  I have a lot of catching up to do but what better way to start back up than with the Kekoa’s.

For the past few years I’ve taken their Christmas pictures.  This time around I received a text the night before that Brandie received news about her mother Lola’s cancer and she wondered if she could include her entire family…and of course I’d have it no other way so we got together and celebrated what family is all about.

These images reflect a family filled with love, laughter, courage, strength and hope.

Look at these beautiful ladies!

…and of course we couldn’t forget about the guys.

There is NOTHING that compares to a mother’s love…nothing.

I took a moment to get a portrait of Brandie’s parents, Mel and Lola.

Lola looked absolutely amazing so I had to get some portraits of her…isn’t she beautiful! 🙂

I loved watching the kids being kids and enjoying nature.  Photo shoots aren’t just about getting a picture, it’s about creating memories.

Thank you Kekoa’s and the Robbins for the opportunity to capture this moment in time in your lives…I don’t take this blessing for granted!

If you would like to donate towards medical costs you can visit the go fund me page set up for Lola

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Have an awesome day friends!


Happy 1st Birthday Caleb!!

What a FUN Carnival Extravaganza Caleb’s First Birthday Party was!!  I was having as much fun as the kids!  They had everything a kid would want and more!!  Here’s a few photos from Caleb’s very special and memorable birthday!!





Sylvia did a fantastic job with the treats and the table!!!  She made cupcakes that looked like popcorn (as you can see on the stand below, they went fast lol) and cookies with Caleb’s edible image on them, candy apples and so many other goodies!!  Sylvia you are amazing!!


There was face painting and balloons!caleb-9624




There were games..caleb-9738

and prizes!caleb-9858


Caleb’s grandpa cooked up a feast for the Carnival guests 😀caleb-9779


…and then there was the TRAIN!!!!  Yesss, they even had a train ride!!  All Aboard!!caleb-0302

Look at that smile…I’d say the birthday boy was having a good time!!caleb-9914

Choooo Choooo!!caleb-9952





Big brother Cordé hitting the pinata!  Go Cordé!caleb-0462

After a long day of fun, the birthday boy was out, but what a fun filled time we all had!!  Chris and Carolyn I think you get the coolest parents award after this amazing day 😀


Thank you to the Lee family for letting me once again be a part of your very special moments!!!  It was soooo much fun!  Happy Birthday Caleb!!  xoxo

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Tony & Kristina’s Engagement Session – Balboa Park and Ghiradelli’s

What a lovely couple Tony and Kristina are!! We met at Balboa Park and ended at one of their special spots, Ghiradelli!! Such a fun engagement session! They even brought their adorable puppy Autumn…she was soooo cute. Here’s just a few sneak peeks from our session. Thank you Tony and Kristina for sharing the day with me ♥ Enjoy!


















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Every day I have a fight with my inner voice to silence the self critics. So I surround myself with positive images and sticky notes to remind me that I CAN do it….whatever “it” is. I came across an article on Misty Copeland, a gifted and amazing ballet dancer, and I had to print this image that was with the article. I tried to find the photographer’s name so I could give them credit, but I was unable to, but this inspires me because in this image of beauty and strength, I realize it takes WORK to get to where she is and to get that amazing body. Whenever I am working out and it gets hard, I think of this image and what it takes to get there…hard work! Now I may never be a Misty Copeland, and that is not my goal, but if I work hard enough and consistent enough, I can and will reach the goals I set for myself. This image sits on my desk as a reminder of how beautiful life can be. What are some ways you inspire yourself??

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